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CCIE Training.

CCIE candidates aspiring to pass the CCIE Lab exams in Routing and Switching as well as Service Provider will find all the resources they’ll need to practice and hone their skills. Presidential training currently offers a competitive set of training products including Mockup Labs, Workbooks, and online CCIE Rack Rentals.

CCIE Service Provider Training.

A CCIE Service Provider certification may assure you of a 6-figure income, large bonuses, and a host of other perks. But it won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. You can’t pass the CCIE SP exam by just relying on the years you clocked as a service provider network engineer, IP backbone engineer, or IP infrastructure engineer.

Knowing that the outcome of your exam will largely depend on your ability to tackle the troubleshooting and configuration portions, we’ve worked hard to put together a streamlined CCIE Service Provider Training suite that will prepare you specifically for the 8-hour hands-on CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam.

Through our training program, you’ll significantly improve the mastery and skills needed to build extensible Service Provider infrastructure for delivering managed services.

Our training products can greatly enhance the skills required for passing the CCIE Exam such as configuring, implementing, troubleshooting, and optimizing service provider features and technologies.



CCIE Security Lab Training.

The latest version of the CCIE Security Exam, v4.0, is the most difficult yet. Passing it requires intensive training on the implementation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Cisco Network Security Solution.

Our training method is very suitable for professionals such as network security administrators and engineers or even security auditors, consultants, architects, and policy makers, who are looking for the most effective route to a CCIE Security certification.

Those who undergo our training come out fully capable of managing, leading, and designing the most complex network security teams and projects you’ll ever encounter.


CCIE Routing And Switching (R&S) Lab Training.

From CCIE candidates just starting out on the path to acquiring their first CCIE certification or to those who feel that they’re already prepared for the lab exam, our company offers competitively-priced products and services to suit most needs. We recommend most candidates to first purchase one of our available workbooks and get acquainted with the topics and hardware encountered in the actual exam via our rack rental options.

For more advanced candidates who are close to test-time, we offer Routing and Switching Mockup Lab sessions that range from a fully simulating the actual 8-hour lab exam to Mockups that are even harder than the actual Cisco exam. Passing these mockups will affirm readiness and present students a test-taking environment as close to the actual exam as physically possible.



Who We Are ?

Presidential Training is dedicated to offering you a superior Cisco training experience at competitive price-points.  Our goal is to become the industry leader in Rack Rentals, offering complete rack hardware for Routing and Switching, Security and Service Provider exams. Whether you are looking for CCIE, CCNP or CCNA certification, Presidential Training is committed to providing you with the best service and quality equipment available.


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